Flower Deliveries in Jerusalem

Valentine’s day or Tu Be-Av, a birthday, a promotion at work, or just an urge to pamper, make a gesture, or display your love: it doesn’t really matter why you require flower delivery services in Jerusalem, if you don’t want to settle for anything less than impressive, special and beautiful bouquets, then “Aleh Koteret” (Flower petal) is without a doubt your desired flower delivery establishment. 

Flower deliveries for all event and every purpose

There are many why you might want or need to send flowers, and there are a variety of people for whom the delivery might be intended: a significant other, a mother, a sister, an aunt or even an entire family.

Aleh Koteret specializes in perfectly matching the flower delivery to the receivers – by carefully selecting only fresh flowers, by wisely integrating different types of flowers or sticking to one appropriate flower type, by understanding the personality of the intended receiver and his or her favorite colors and smells. In Aleh Koteret you can receive a personalized service and professional assistance in preparing a deeply invested bouquet of flowers which will be perfect for its intended recipient.

The right address for all your flower delivery needs in Jerusalem

There are many florist shops, but many of those who want to send flowers to those dear to them, are not prepared to compromise on anything less than special, elegantly designed bouquets which are personally adapted to the recipient, as well as to the event or reason of the delivery. If you too are amongst these people, all you need to do is contact “Aleh Koteret”. We will be happy to provide you with the professional knowledge, skills and tool with which you might create special and perfect bouquets which match the budget, occasion and all of your requirements and preferences.

The Aleh Koteret flower delivery service operates throughout Jerusalem and the nearby settlements, including, among others: Maale Adumim, Gush Etzion, Neve Daniel, Mevaseret Tzion and Modi’in.